Benefits for companies

Qantitative Covid-19 FluoBolt™-DUO-SN Antibody Test

Health care for your employees

Create awareness and consciousness about protection status

Potential reduction of sick leave

Subsequently, motivation to vaccinate

Benefit for employees

A high antibody level increases the likelihood of being protected from infection

check of the
of specific antibodies
after vaccination
or recovery

Scientifically standardised
and certified test

Simple check how many antibodies are present

Painless blood sampling through small prick
into the fingertip instead of vein (without syringe needle)

Test certificate
by a
Laboratory physician

Accurate and reproducible results by laboratory analysis

Follow-up of the antibody concentration after vaccination or infection

The ideal service as employee welfare

How does the INOOlab Covid-19 FluoBolt™- DUO SN antibody test work?

The blood sample is taken directly in the company by means of a small prick in the fingertip. The blood drop is collected quickly and easily by qualified personnel. You will receive the result after a few days. You will receive a medical report directly via your e-mail box.

01 Contact

Contact INOOlab, here you will receive all the necessary information. You will then receive secure online access to record the data of the test persons.

02 Procedure for your company

1. internal company registration in order to be able to plan the time.
The exact time of sampling is defined internally by the company.

2. the employees fill in a form with personal data and the consent for sending the result by email.

3. staff comes to the agreed appointment with the form filled in.

4. at the appointment: Data check, collection of a small drop of blood from the fingertip.
(such as for blood glucose tests).

5. the samples are collected and sent to the laboratory.
If you have several test dates in company, you can store the samples at room temperature.
collect them for up to 3 days before sending them to the laboratory.
The sample transport to the laboratory is simple by mail. No cooling chain is required.

6. the blood sample is analysed in the medical chemistry laboratory
and a validated test certificate is issued.

7. the test certificate will be exclusively  transmitted to the e-mail address provided by the employees within few days.

03 COVID-19 FluoBolt™-DUO-SN
Laboratory evaluation

The laboratory test with medical report for your employees.

The highly sensitive and patented FluoBolt™ technology enables the simultaneous, i.e. dual and quantitative, detection of anti-S1-RBD and anti-nucleocapsid antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 and is therefore used to assess the immune status after infection and/or vaccination.

The test certificate therefore tells you how well the vaccination has worked
or whether you may have been infected without symptoms.

The exact procedure step by step



Planning and
Preparation of the
Operational testing


On the test day
Data check or
Data acquisition
of employees

Blood draw from
the fingertip


Measurement of the sample in the laboratory

Vidation of the results by
a medical doctor

Transmission of the lab report to the staff via e-mail