Infection not necessarily induces protecting antibodies to Sars-CoV-2

Within an award-winning study Dr. Pia Gattringer at the medical university of vienna found out that about 20% of persons recovered from an SARS-CoV-2 infection did not produce sufficient amounts of protecting antibodies to the virus. These so called non-responders therefore are not protected against re-infection and possibly also not against severe courses of the disease Source: Die Presse vom 3.12.2022

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MRI Reveals Significant Brain Abnormalities Post-COVID

Researchers identified changes to the brain stem and frontal lobe in patients months after COVID-19 infectionThe affected brain regions are linked with fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches and cognitive problems.Up to 20% of infected subjects showed symptoms of long covid. These mainly include difficulty of thinking or concentrating, headache, sleep problems, lightheadedness, pins-and-needles sensation, change in smell or taste, and depression or anxiety.

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Neoteryx provides microsampling devices to fianostics for COVID-19 antibody tests in austria

The INOOlab™ concept is the combination of our highly sensitive FluoBolt™ fluorescence enhancement technology with the innovative dry blood collection method of our partner Neoteryx Inc.After an intensive validation period the companies agreed to a worldwide cooperation for the INOOlab-system. Mitra-devices from Neoteryx as well as Fluo-Bolt-Kits from Fianostics comply to the latest IVDR und ISO 13485 specifications.

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